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“Pompetch” fight in muay thai tournament

“Mit Nakorn” provides the important opportunity for Pompetch Erawan muay thai camp , a Muslim blood boxer to have live broadcast in the first time of his life with Paitan Payasuekrong in Assawindam War on Sunday 29 December at Modern Nine TV 9 in Thailand. Dr. Kiattisak Mudor orders the trainner to control Pompetch have the extreme strong to fight

Pompetch Erawan muay thai camp , a double championship, a top boxer in Southern+ Southern Boxing Association to make the reputation on the boxing ring. Now, he is training to gain the experience to be as a top boxer in one day. On Sunday 1 December he get the important chance to have live broadcast in Assawindam at BigC Ladprao and broadcast though Modern Nine at 12.00.

The chief Dr. Kiattisak Mudor reveals to the reporter that “this Sunday Pompetch will fight in tournament boxing on Assawindam War. Mit Nakron who set this fight is happy for him. Boxing fans will see across the country. He admit that Pompetch sitll more training but he is very diligent. I believe he can further go. I order the trainer to control the special traning for him because he will going to fight and broadcast the  muay thai tournament .