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It should gather the teamwork to train “Sanit”

Sorchor Suwit Wongwai cares for Sanit Suwit Muay Thai gym , who will face with Ken M. Undaman ,so he would like to gather for the teamwork to train him to defeat this couple boxer. Besides, they might fight at Suek Rachadamnern Super Fight PPTV on Sunday of 16th November 2014. However, Sia Sommai is really confident with 100 percents to fight with funniness.

For the good rating of Suek Rachadamnern Super Fight PPTV , there are the promoters to take turn to setup the programs by making the list of excellent 10,000 baht or 100,000 baht couple boxers to fight on this Sunday of 16th November 2014 of Suek Sommai Sakulmateta to show the good performance not less than other programs. Moreover, it will have the superb couple boxers to fight , such as Phetmorakot of Keela Korat School facing with Khumtrab Suwityim , Chai Sorchor Toipadreaw facing with Phetdam S. Sangakarnchang and Ken M. Undaman facing with Sanit Suwityim and others.

For Sanit , this match Sorchor Suwit Wongwai is really worried about him much to fight with Ken M. Undaman or the famous one as now. Then, it might not be the easy task for him with the severe fist to fight. Thus, he has gathered the teamwork to train him well for being the winner ; while Sia Sommai Sakulmateta is certain that this couple boxer might fight with amusement because of their good advantages.

Sia Sommai said with confidence that for Ken and Sanit , each of them has his own advantage ; however, although Sanit has his better form. On the other hand, he can’t be careless of Ken also in terms of winning him.