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“Phunluang” or the hot form will fight with “bank”.

Phonluang Sitbunmee is ready to prove the performance with Superbank of Rattanabundit university as the master one of Suek millionaire of Phetwittaya to be broadcasted on this 3 August, 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Besides, with his fresh form and good body condition, he has won his couple one for 6 matches continuously. However, it should see the chance and the last time on the last round to be hit.

For the master one of Suek Phetwittaya broadcasted on this 3 August , 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium, now the promoter Wittaya Phetsemeun has made the list of Phonluang Sitbunmee to fight with Superbank of Rattanabundit university with his coming back for fighting of Muai Thai again. On the other hand, now he has disappeared from fighting for nearly 2 years , so on this match he is glad to fight with the great boxer as superbank again. In addition, now he has his perfect body condition with his fresh form to win the couple ones for 6 matches continuously too.

What’s more for this program , there will be the others ; namely, the master one or Superbank of Rattanabundit university fighting with Phonluang Sitbunmee , the second one or Yokwittaya Phetsemeun fighting with Extra S. Sirilak , Morakot Khomsaimai fighting with Yadfah Rairline , Suriyanlek Orbortor Kamphee fighting with Kan K. Kamphanat , Yodwittaya S. Sirilak fighting with Nuengphayak Ph. Lakbun , Anuwat Natkinphlala fighting with Khanongsuek K. Kamphanat and Denkrengkrai Singmarwin fighting with Cherry Duangchaiphor.