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“Bang” made for the king by use his power to knockout “SamA”

On the occasion of Father’s Day, he wants to do for him. Superbang U.Rattanabanthid declared his victory as a gift for Father’s Day and reveals that although SamA Chicken Five Star Gym is one of his admire boxer but he will do his best on the boxing ring. The big goal is the trophy for top boxer in each institution.

In Armistice Day of Lumpini  Thai boxing ring in Thailand on Tuesday 21 January, they set the great fighter in history by 9 champion fights and 12 battle which is the most celebrated boxer of this whether Sandchai P.K.Sandchai Muay Thai Gym with Yodwicha P,Bunsid muay thai camp, Petchbunshu Borplabunchu Camp fight with Pakron P.K.Sandchai Muay Thai Gym and SamA Chicken Five Star Gym fight with Superbang U.Rattanabanthid, a top boxer in Wansongchai gym which is in the interest of boxing fans.

Subsequently, the reporter received a revelation from Superbang or Pachanya Longchin which is the solider in 21rd Medical Battalion Chonburi that he prepare very well. He aims to be a winner to get be a top boxer all institution and also dedicated the victory as a gift for Father’s Day.

“As I was one of his children, I dedicate the victory to father and want to do the good thing for the king. I prepare to this fight very well and very self-confident because I have a better body weight. I admire the rival because he has more experience but when I stand on the boxing ring. I will do my best. I want boxing fans support and cheer me” Super Bank, a good habits boxer said in the end.