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Sandchai announce never loss in the revenge fight

Sandchai P.K.Muay Thai Gym reveal never loss in revenge fight even fight with Yodwicha P.bunsid. Although he worry about the shape but I am confident to win. Their match is held in Patchyindee war on 19 November by a promoter, Wirad Washirattanawong. The other match is the top boxer fight.

Patchyindee muay thai war on 19 November creates a wave of enthusiasm. This is the charitable of U.Sripatum. Mr.Nao obtain the top boxer in this era to prove their skill especially the important match is the fight of Yodwicha P,bunsit, a top boxer of Muay Saim Sport Award and Sandchai P.K. Sandchai Muay Thai Gym, a top boxer of reporter sport association two years in the equal weight 132 pounds.


After meet with Yodwicha who have a longer shape and younger, Sandcha a boxer form Mahasarakam is quite worry but confident in the training and he never loss someone. “You can see my record, I loss Singdam, Petchbunshuu, Sakeddao etc. but when I have revenge fight with them, I can win all the time. Although the body of Yodwicha is trouble for me, I confident in myself and have a word to the committee look at the skill not the body. My body is very perfect.

There are many fight from forefront boxer of many muay thai camps that have expensive actor’s remuneration include Yodwicha – Sandchai, O – Konksak, Singdam – Petchbunshuu, SamA – Kwankaw, Petchmorakot = Petchutong, Seksan – Kaimukkaw, EakMonkol – Bangpleenoi, Superlek – Rungpetch etc.