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“Moo” has supported of the heir of “Sanchai”.

Sanchai Chirakrengkrai is really glad after the promoter Sia Moo Phuket has supported his son or Samaek Raweemuaithaiyim to grasp the champion of the Council of World Muai Thai in 100 pounds from Sudrak S. Weeraphon. Besides, although he hasn’t been the champion before with his no luck , now he is confident in his son to be the champion of course.

For Suek One Weeraphon and Suek Moo Saphanmai that might broadcast on this 19th April 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium, there might be the master one or Theptaksin S. Sornsing to open the chance for Thanuphet Chareonkittikorn to get revenge with him again. Besides, it might include of Samaek Raweemuaithaiyim to grasp the champion in the Council of World Muai Thai in 100 pounds with Sudrak S. Weeraphon. Therefore, Sanchai Chirakrengkrai has thanked you for Sia Moo Phuket ,especially for the teamwork of promoter or Samaek Raweemuaithaiyim who has supported his son to be the champion. In addition, in the past he had the great times to grasp the champion for two times without being any champion ; for example, the first time he had grasped the champion of Ford boxing round by losing to Ngathao Atrungroj as well as the second time that grasp the champion in 122 pounds at Rachadamnern by losing to Nuengubon Sitlertchai. On the other hand, now he is certainly with his son’s form and would like the Muay Thai fans to send the encouragement to him too.