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“Saksongkram” has his good chance to fight in TV7 of Thailand .

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday of 30th March on channel 7 Thai boxing stadium  in Thailand , there will be the master couple boxer or Wacharachai Rachanon who isn’t ready to fight.  Then, Wichai Rachanon is afraid of losing his boxing camp’s name , so he would like Wacharachai to practice in the perfect way prior to fight in the boxing stadium in order to maintain the good standard of his boxing camp. Thus, on this Sunday it should adjust the new couple boxer for fighting in Weber program on channel 3 from the old one to the new one ; namely, Saksongkram Phobtheeratham facing with Seemanut S. Sarainya muay thai camp instead.

Therefore, Wichai said that there is the new current new informing that the promoter of Suek Muai Thai Ched See has the essentiality to change this boxer list of program after Wacharachai Rachanon isn’t ready to fight with his not perfection of training ; thus, he can’t fight in the stage. Besides , it should maintain the good standard of the boxing camp unless it will be the same as the way to send Design to fight with his less training until losing to Kengkat P. Pekko Camp with expectation. However, when Wacharachai is ready to fight , he might have chance to fight.

As the result, for the master couple boxers in this Sunday the promoter Chun Kertphet might bring Saksongkram Phobtheeratham muay thai camp or the champion in Weber of channel 3 to face with Seemanut S. Sarinya camp after they have faced for twice times following by the second couple boxer or Chok Sakami to face with Talaethong S. Tanaphet.