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The Champion Prize of “Ongree”

Colonel Chate has thanked for every encouragement of the Muay Thai fans to cheer up Ongree until being the champion , so it it the prize of his life. Moreover, it should thank for Sia Chun Kertphet really much including of Somchit Wankaew to push up him continually. Then, the next goal of him is to make success to be the excellent boxer in the future.

After his beloved boxer or Ongree S. Dechaphan has defeated One Phichit with funniness and get the champion belt of Lumphinee Muay Thai stadium in 105 pounds at Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai , it is the third champion belt of him following by the champion in 102 pounds on channel 7 and 105 pounds at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium to create the good history of boxing circle again.  Then, the colonel Surachate Dechaphan is really glad and would like to thank the reporters to cheer up him including of the supporter , such as Chun Kertphet and the promoter Somchit Wankaew to push up Ongree. Furthermore, in the first time that Ongree comes to this circle , they would like to make his dream come true until now he can be the champion in several programs. Thus, the next goal is to create the greatness of Ongree to be the excellent boxer in the future although he is the small one. In the earlier , he would like to thank for every Muay Thai fans to follow Ongree S. Dechaphan all the times, so he has the good attention to practice himself until being the champion in a few Muay Thai stadiums. Then, he is going to make the success of himself further , and it should thank for Sia Chun Kertphet , Somchit Wankaew and Ouan Muengnon , who always advise and push up him to have his good future as now. Therefore, he is lucky to graduate in inspector course and has defeated Onephichit Meenayothin in 105 pounds at the same day. The Colonel Surachate isn’t serious in this subject , except to run his task as the best way and would like every boxer to be successful for being champion as well as feeling honor to do his task. “