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The commander is proud for “Phokeaw”.

The director SukthadPhumphanmueng has put the finger for the efforts and good soul of Sian Kaew or PhokaewPhonchangchonburi , who has overcome the score of Muangthai S. Bunyiam in Imminent air on last 5th August 2014. Besides, in the next match the way that he will fight in SuekPhumphanmueng on this 29th August 2014 with whom might let Chun Kertphet and the Muay Thai fans to consider too.

After gaining the credit from the Muay Thai fans in many times, Sian Kaew or Phokaew Phonchangchonburi just overcome the score of Muengthai S. Bunyiam in Imminent Air program on 5 August 2014. However, on the second round , he has elbowed until having the severe symptom to get 8-1. On the other hand, he could knee up until having more score on the end of the round to please the commander Sukthad Phumphanmung with his efforts and good soul. Besides, he will continue to fight on this 29 August 2014.

The commander Thad revealed that with efforts and good soul of Phokaew , he could win his couple boxer , so he might fight continue on Suek Phumphanmung on this 29 August 2014 as well as other couple boxers. However, the commander Thad is still looking for the suitable couple boxer for Phokaew to fight.