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Nong Boat doesn’t know how to do after Song closed the office

Boat Nattadate has revealed that he has met the promoter Thongchai already on last 14th September 2015 in order to negotiate with Kingsanglek T. Laksong. Moreover, he might fight with Chaiyo Phetyindeeacademy as the calling of the boxing fanclub. However, it pities that although he has come to the office , but Thong said that he is sick not to be available for meeting. Thus, he doesn’t know how to do.

Boat Nattadate has revealed to Muai Siam that currently he has visited to Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban at Office in Samsen. However, the teamwork said that now Thongchai is sick , so he can’t meet him. Then, it pities much that he doesn’t have a chance to meet him , so he doesn’t know how to do.

Therefore, Nong Boat has posted on facebook and online media as a below detail:

Chaiyo – Kingsanglek : Nong Boat would like to thank you for following the news of this couple one or Chaiyo and Kingsanglek along 1month. Then, he might inform the boxing fanclub for trying the best way in order to let them for fighting with each other. However, he knows well that it isn’t an easy task for them surely , so he agrees to pay for the price of them from 100 pounds to 100,000 baht. In addition, he has known about the requirement of the boxing fanclub because of their fighting with the good form , and now it’s time to let them fight with each other.

After it has the news that Nong Boat has paid for Kingsanglek totally 100,000 baht by being contacted from the middle man in order to let them to fight with each other , now the coordinator and the head of the boxing camp have their same intention to create the history of children boxer or the dream boxer of the boxing fanclub to watch. Finally, according to the manner of the boxing circle it should ask for the permission by letting the promoter under the affiliation to solve the problem or letting Kingsanglek to fight on this match. However, it doesn’t have any problem , except for being contacted from anyone.

Therefore, Nong Boat has made a decision instantly to ask for the kindness from Thongchai on Tuesday Morning at 9.30 a.m. Later, he had come to the office of Thongchai instantly ,and he had informed from the employees of Thongchai’s company that Thongchai had already come to the dentist clinic.  Thus, it should spend time for 1 hour prior to finish his task , and later Nong Boat has made a decision to wait in terms of having a meal by killing time and coming back to Thong Chai’s company again at 10.30 a.m. However, he isn’t brave to get out of the car , so he has phoned to Thongchai due to afraid of his disappearing. After that, he had been waiting on the car until 11.30 a.m. with the good care of the teamwork of One Thong Chai by letting him waiting at Thongchai’s office until nearly at noon that Nong Boat had met Thongchai.

Later, he has prepared the bird nest basket to Thongchai ; however, it had informed from Chaiharn that Thongchai has the headache until can’t meet him. Then, he had talked with Thep Thamma directly with his disappointment for not meeting Thongchai. Then, he has explained about the intention for letting this couple one to meet with each other. On the other hand, it is understood that Thongchai has the headache until can’t work in this subject. However, Nong Boat would like to make the list of this couple one for celebrating  the birthday of him. Similarly, it has no couple that he would like to make the list beside from this couple one because he really loves all children boxers from the past. According to his attention, he would like to create the child one to be famous on the boxing circle as his great gift by letting this couple one to fight on Suek Phetwisate.

Now, he doesn’t know how to do , except for his good trying to be the promoter that the boxing fanclub have expected to , and finally it should predict whether this couple one might fight with each other. However, he has hoped that with his good intention , his work might be successful. On the other hand, this is the difficult task for him, but he accepts that now he has already worked with his full performance