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Support “Denkrengkrai” with high ratios of his knocking to another one.

In this moment, Sia Wat Thungsong is announcing to support Denkrengkrai Singmarwin if he can win Cherry Duangchaipor in the next match. Besides, the next program is called Suek Phetwittaya ,which will setup on this 3rd August in 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Moreover, Khomthungsong or Khomphayak Singmanee and Pop Thungsong are certainly that in this match Denkrengkrai will knock for his couple one surely.

Lately, the reporter has been revealed that now Denkrengkrai has just moved into Singmarwin boxing camp. And, now he has the excellent preparation in order to prove his performance with Cherry Dungchaipor. Similarly, Sia Wat Thungsong or the supporter is announcing to support Denkrengkrai with fully way if Denkrengkrai has become to be the winner on this match.

Finally, Pop has revealed in the end that in this match Cherry shouldn’t only escape for his boxer and he is surely that his boxer might knock this couple one  also. In addition, Sia Wat Thungsong will give Denkrengkrai  a large amounts of money at least 20,000 – 30,000 baht if he is the winner on this game without including with other supporters in this match.