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Iiad has made the list celebrating for the goat year.

Chun Kertphet or Promoter Peerapong Theeradatepong has started the new goat year with brining Iiad from South of Thailand or Peemai Arawan to face with the old proponent or Tawarit The best Udorn with crowded of master couple boxers fully in this program without making the disappointment to anyone.

Now, the list of couple boxers is the still the same for Suek Muai Thai Ched See in the new goat year of 2015 , so it might setup this program on the next Sunday of 4th January 2015 at Lumphinee boxing stadium in the same time. Moreover, the promoter has revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that for the new year or on the first week , he might make a decision to make the list of this small couple boxer to fight with each other again between Peemai Arawan and Tewarit The Best Udorn after they have taken turn to be the loser and the winner for one time. Then, it believes that this game might be funnier , and the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss for this program as the new year gift to everyone.