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Chankrit – Lamnampong wait the big Muay Thai match in October

Public promotors, Songchai Rattanasuban warn boxing fans prepare to watch the  dream match between Chankrit A.pimolsri muay thai camp and Lamnampong  Jeantawanna muay thai training camp . Real muay thai fans in Thailand should not  miss the match. Bigsong clear the fighting list on October with Pol.Lt.Gen  Prachuap Paolin allow Pae Meenbury to consult with the chairman, Eak Bangsai  because this is the most interest match for boxing fan in this era.

Chankrit A.pimolsri is the most top form in this time that many people want  contact to invite him fight in their program. Latest, Tep Tamma reveals that a  public promoter of Wan Song Chai, Songchai Rattanasuban contact to the Bangrajan  agency by Pol.Lt.Gen Prachuap Paolin allow Songchai Rattanasuban send Chankrit  to fight in Wan Song Chai war. He consult with Pae Mennburay about who will  fight with him because in the late September and the middle of October, Chankrit  will study hard and then fight in the late October. He not fear and ready to  fight along with the gamble. After this fight, he will fight in Bangrajan war in  the November. This is the combined work of a Radchadamneon promoter too.

Rin Patum confrim that Chankrit is not fear Sangmanee. He waits the right  time and weight fit to fight. Boxing fans can watch this fight with Lamnampong  sure. This is the one fight that boxing fans can wait to see in 24 October at  Radchadamneon Thai boxing ring.