Muay Thai Camps

How to learn Muay Thai

Have you ever thought that you can win over toughest enemies in one strike?  Does it look impossible to you? If you think that it is impossible for you to  defeat your opponents in one strike or a few strike then you are wrong. Muay  Thai can help you defend you even when many surround you. Read on how to learn  Muay Thai to get such power.

Find a Training Camp or a gym

Very first step to learn Muay Thai  – also called Thai Boxing – is  finding training camps running in your area or nearby. If you do not see any  training camps in your area or nearby then you may want to move to Thailand  because Muay Thai was originated there and therefore, you will get plenty of  camps and gyms to learn this combat fight art.

While looking out for a camp or  a gym, ensure that you join the best,  hence, after finding a camp or a gym, ask for their learning strategy, such as  the number of days, hours per day, learning process, etc. This will help you to  understand what you are going to learn. You may want to see the students  learning Muay Thai in that camp too to ensure that their learning process is  good.

Become Familiar with the Terms of Thai Boxing

After you have found and joined a training camp, it is the time for you to  get familiar with the lingo of Muay Thai. You should know everything about it,  such as the body parts used in this fight art, different types of kicks, and so  on. You can learn them by consulting your trainers, other learns in the camp,  and watching movies based on Thai Boxing.

Stay Active and Fast

If you want to beat your opponents then you have to make yourself a promise  that “you will never be lazy”. If you say that you cannot practise for 2 hours  then frankly speaking Muay Thai is not for you. You need to do warm-ups for more  than 30 minutes before you start practising it and if you cannot do that then  better stay at home. If you cannot use all your body parts like elbow, legs, etc  with the lighting speed then you will not be able to beat the opponent. Rather  the opponent will beat you in a second. If you want to win over the opponent  then you have to be active and fast as much as possible. Even if you are tired,  you have to feel as you are fresh and active otherwise your opponent will take  its advantage.

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