“Chun” devoted himself to make the good current.

Chun Kertphet is ready to devote himself for working in the big match broadcasted on this 2nd May 2014 at Lumphinee as well as Muai Thai Chedsee program broadcasted on every Sundays. Besides, he aims at bringing the quality boxers to response of the policy on stage including to invite the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to watch the games in the weak period of the promoter  in order to make crowded people to interest the games again.

Chun Kertphet said that this time he has a lot of works for both Suek Kertphet program and Muai Thai Ched See everyday that the Muay Thai fans in Thailand always look forward to watching the game.  In addition, he has another work or Suek Kertphet Sanchon to fight throughout the country until next year. Then, now he assigned his work to Deer Kertphet or his son to take responsibility instead of him for Suek Kertphet Sanchon while his son has his work for Suek Kertphet and Suek Khlum Banponlamueng also. What’s more, Chun has assigned work for his teamwork to take care of ; for example, for the south he assigned to Kokert or Somket Liangprasit , for the Northeast he assigned for Sia Keela or Kamchan Saokhamkate with having Deer Kertphet to be the big coordinator.

Then, anyone who is interested in bringing the boxers to fight in Suek Kertphet can contact the teamwork in each region. On the other hand, Chun has a lot of works to operate and he would like to response to the need of policy on stage of Lumphinee to create the greatness. What’s more, he would like to make the list of excellent boxers for the Muay Thai fans in Thailand as well as for Muai Thai Ched See on every Sundays as well as working as his best. For Sanchon program , his son might take care of all as well as the teamwork in each region , such as Kokert , Sia Kamchan , Toihuaipong and Manoi Udon to take care of each one. Thus, everyone can contact them , but  he might work for the programs in Bangkok. Finally, he would like everyone to watch for the big match on this 2nd May 2014 , and this match might have the master couple boxer or Pakorn to face with Seksan that is the interesting one to watch much.

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