“Yodphanomrung” has the good condition ; Ouan has guaranteed for Yodphanomrung to be the winner.

Ouan Muengnon has accepted that Kengkat P. Pekko still can’t practice himself due to his hurt on legs , so now he has been removed from the lists already. On the other hand, it will bring Yodphanomrung Chitmuengnon ,who always practices himself to fight with Rambo Phetportoror instead although he has won this couple one before. However, he is such the kind one to fight replacing of the old one as the second one of Suek Phetkertphet broadcasting on this Tuesday of 15 November, 2016.

For Sue Phetkertphet on this Tuesday of 15 November, 2016 , the Lietunent L will setup for the big program ; namely, the master one or the excellent of 3 years or Phanphayak Chitmeungnon to bargain weight for Kaona  P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim as the interesting Million baht one following by the second one or Rambo Phetportoror fighting with Yodphanomrungchitmuengnon , Sprinter Pangkongphrab fighting with Onechalong Sitsornong , Ongree fighting with Kaew , Pheemai fighting with Phetphailin , Khomphet fighting with Kraduaklek , the first one or Sanchainoi fighting with Lanyakaew , Phetwayu Singbansrang fighting with Phetsenin W. Wichit Promotion and Yodphanu Sitdabmai fighting with Yodchingchai Singnawaarwut to grasp 200,000 baht.

Ouan Muengnon has revealed that recently while Kengkat was practicing himself , he was hurt until he was removed the named from the list already. Besides, he has seen that the promoter has brought Sprinter to fight with Onechalong already , so he has brought Yodphanomrung to fight with Rambo instead of Kengkat. Then, this match will be amusing for sure ,except for less times to prepare for the match. However, it should help each other so that the program of the lietunent L will be the splendid one.

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