It has trained “Parinya” until he is ready to fight.

Now, Parinya Pahsak Muai Thai or the outstanding boxer to fight in 77 kg. for Toyota Muai Thai League game is ready to fight with Matseus or Brazilian boxer after practicing himself for more than 2 months. Besides, it has the foreigners for training to Parinya at Phasakmuaithai in Phuket province. However, Parinya shouldn’t be careless for fighting in this game as well.

For Toyota Muai Thai League in 2016 broadcasting on this Friday of 25 November, 2016 at Lumphinee boxing stadium , there are 40 big weight boxers to join for grasping the prizes more than 4 million baht with 4 Hilux Rewo Vans divided into 4 versions  ,such as 67 kg, 70 kg, 72.5 kg and other. Then, the Muay Thai fans can follow for this activity on Thairat TV since 4.00-5.30 p.m. Moreover, for the fifth couple one of the program, there will be the meeting of Parinya Pahsakmuaithai and Matseus from Brazil to fight in 77 kg.

Therefore, Parinya Pahsakmuaithai has revealed that at this moment his body condition is perfect , and he has practiced himself for 2 months as well as being trained with the foreigners. On the same way, Matseus has practiced in Phuket also , but after he has seen the big size of Matseus , he isn’t worried about this subject ,except with the carefulness for this game.

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