“Manasak” is generous to give the opportunity for “Saksit” to get revenge for him.

Manasak Phinsinchai has created the opportunity for Saksit Luakmaethraithong to get revenge of   his old one. Moreover, among the old ones of Phinsinchai camping it should teach the boxing program to the boxers of W. Santai boxing camp at Sankamphang of Chiangmai with the aiding of the head of the boxing camp or the Swedish one and his wife or the Thai one to take charge of this term.

There will be another experienced boxer of Thailand or Manasak Nareaphai or Phinsinchai to return of fighting on the boxing program again after losing to Saksit Luakchaomaitraithong at Rangsit boxing stadium. However, later he has been judged to be the winner on Suek Phetyindee broadcasted of this Tuesday for 27th October 2015 at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Thus, in this match the Muay Thai fans are all wondering for the judge of the referees much. In addition, it has viewed that Saksit has showed his good performance on both of the third round and the fifth round. While Manasak has showed his good performance on the fourth round only, so it depends on each one’s performance to be supported by the promoter. What’s more, lately Manasak has taught the boxers on the boxing program at gymnasium in District of Santai located at Sankamphang of Chiangmai too. Additionally, he has the head of the boxing camp named Nick or Swedish one who loves Thai boxing program much , and his wife of this foreigner named Aud or Thai person to take care of this subject well. As the result, apart from them there will be a lot of trainers to train the boxers in this match ; namely, Phone Wallop and others also.

Significantly, Manasak or the Daddy with 2 children said that after he has removed from teaching the boxing program at Sankamphang , so now he would like to come back for fighting again at W. Santai boxing camp. Moreover, there are the foreigners to be trained as well as Thai boxers with making him to move his body better after training in this way until being ready to fight with Saksit again depending on the promoter to set up the program only.

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