Experience Muay Thai in Its Authentic Form

Almost every nation, especially the ones in Asia, has their own sports, but only a small number of them are so interesting like Muay Thai or Thai boxing. Muay Thai is the number one sport in Thailand when it comes to popularity and what is interesting is that this sport has become very popular in the rest of the world too. Since this popularity has increased in the past few decades, many people believe that Muay Thai is a relatively new sport which is certainly not true.

Muay Thai is a type of martial art and combat sport and the matches in this sport take place one a stadium or on a ring to be more precise. This type of fighting looks similar to kickboxing, but the truth is that besides kicking and punching, Muay Thai uses elbows and knees too. Fighters can also use standing grappling to defeat their opponent. As you see, this sport is unique and very exciting. Although many people view this sport as something very brutal and violent, Muay Thai is actually a sport where the intelligence plays a major role.

Muay Thai was developed for centuries. According to some historians the roots can be found in Krabi krabong martial art which included the use of swords. Over time, the swords were excluded and this is how Muay Thai was born. In addition, participants were fighting in specially made rings. Today, Muay Thai is considered to be part of Thai culture and heritage. Muay Thai matches are organized on a daily basis and you can surely visit a stadium where a match like this is held if you are in Bangkok. Sometimes, these matches are attended by thousands of people and watched on TV and the Internet by millions.

A stadium in Bangkok is Lumpinee Boxing Stadium and website is www.muaythailumpinee.net  . There have the Muay Thai fight in every weeks and you check the ticket from the website .

The location and map of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is below :



This passion for this sport has encouraged many foreigners to start learning more about this sport and even start training in Muay Thai camps in Thailand. Of course, foreigners are welcome in Thailand and there are many of them who are fighting on the stadiums all over Thailand.

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