The former famous boxers have responded to be trained as the boxing teacher.

There are several famous national former boxers to train in this program as the trainer of Muai Thai Sports in 6th year as the level of C license 2015. Moreover, this program has been supported by the committee of Sport boxing program in order to be trained between 4-16 June 2015 at Huamark Sports Authority of Thailand to fight for international program. Then, they can become to be the teacher of Muai Thai in foreign country after passing the training or being guaranteed from Authority of Thailand of totally 160 people.  As the result, whoever is interested in this subject can register in the next training course soon.

After it has been revealed from the principle of Boxing Sports Committee Date named Chaikla about his training of Muai Thai in C license level as well as his training for 5 years , it shows that on this 4-16th June 2015 this office might train for the trainer of 6th Muai Thai Sports in C license level 2015 at Huamark Authority Thailand to become the Thai boxing teacher in foreign country. Then, whoever has passed this training might be guaranteed from Authority Thailand of 160 people. In addition, there will be the former famous Thai boxer who have registered in this program for several ones after viewing that this program is beneficial and knowledgeable for them. As the result, anyone who is interested in this program can contact to him for opening the new program soon.

The principal Date revealed that this training might be setup on this 4-16th June 2015 at Huamark Authority Thailand , so anyone who is interested in this program can come to register in this program as well as Phanuphong Phanuphan , Superman Osodsapha or national Thai Coach boxer with his another name as Narong Inphrom including of Thawat Rangsiyarom , the North boxer named Saklamphoon Sitkutao and others. Besides, we will select with the level of good name to be train in this course. Moreover, now this course is full with 160 people , so anyone who would like to register in this course might wait for little time to open the new course.

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