“Namtarn” has recovered from illness already.

Now, Namtarn Ph. Muengphet has been recovered from his arm hurting to move his body in the excellent way. Besides, she is ready to fight for grasping the champion of Thai Boxing program in World Professional Bantum Weight from Saifah S. Supharat in Royal program of Somdej Prathep broadcasted on this Wednesday of 1st April 2015 at the mall bangkapi on channel 5 since 4.00-6.00 p.m.

Moreover, now Namtarn Sorkor Kamronbamrungrak or P. Muengphet has become to be another excellent female boxer , and she is currently studying in the second year at Ramkhamhang university. However, she always has the problem of his body condition , especially of her arm to take a rest from fighting in a while. On the contrary, now she has recovered from her illness to fight in the last match , and in the next match she might fight in the final round of Bantam Weight of The Thai boxing program of World Professional program or WPMF from Saifah S. Supharat in Royal program of Somdej Prathep that the Thai national boxing program and World professional program by the president or Member of Assembly or Samat Maluleam to open this game at the temporary boxing camp at the mall bangkapi.

Besides, Namtarn said while she might join in her beloved friend for marriage ceremony that now his arm has been recovered from illness after fighting in one time , and on this 1st April 2015 she might face with Saifah S. Supharat to grasp the champion of Thai boxing program in World Professional one certainly.

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