“Phu” has made the promised with “Number One”

Phu P. Kobkia has made the promise with Number One or Ireland Muai Thai to get revenge with the beloved boxer or Extraboom P. Kobkia again. Moreover, it revealed that Extraboom has prepared himself for only 2 days too and he says funnily also that if he can’t knock Number one as his saying , he might not receive his incentive                 as well.

After Extra Boom P. Kobkia has won Number One Ireland Muai Thai in Suek Chao Muai Thai on last Saturday of 11st October 2014 at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium , the teamwork of Number one has given the news that now Number one has prepared himself to get revenge of his couple boxer. Then, if he can’t knock Extra boom , he might not agree to receive the incentives. Lately, Phu P. Kobkia or the big boss of Muay Thai camp has given the opinion about this subject that now his beloved boxer has his chance to prepare himself for 2 days only too. Besides, he says funnily that if Number one can’t knock Extraboom , he might not receive the incentives in this match also surely.

Phu said funnily that for this match Extraboom has his chance to practice himself for 2 days only also , so  if Number one is wondering in his form , he is pleased to let him fight with him as well because Phu viewed that if he practiced well , he can win his couple boxer easily. However, if he can’t knock Extraboom , he might not receive the incentives too.

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