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“The senior one” felt terrible after being banned by channel 7 for 6 months.

Doctor Phirom Chareonphat has thanked for the encouragement from the head boxing camp and the Muay Thai fans in the East with full supporting after the teamwork of channel 7 has banned him to come at the Muay Thai stadium for 6 month. In addition, she can’t solve the problem by making the lists of couple boxers in the original affiliation , but indeed it should blame for the referees without accusing to the non-relevant boxers and him. Similarly, this situation has resulted in the boxers in this boxing camp to feel desperate for fighting to show the good performance for the Muay Thai fans throughout the country after being banned without the fairness.

After channel 7 has banned Doctor Phirom Chareonphat to come at the Muay Thai stadium for 6 months as well as banning the couple boxers in Ph. Chareonphirom to fight at Channel 7 Muay Thai stadium after Non Wisutchareonyon or the teamwork has blamed about the judge of the couple boxer between Yodphayak Ph. Chareonphat facing with Mueungphonlek Dabphommahachai on last 2 weeks that it isn’t in the fair way. Then, now Doctor Phirom feels desperate about the response, and lately she revealed that now the head boxing camp and the Muay Thai fans in the east have gathered up to make the movements for giving the fairness about this happened problem. On the other hand, the teamwork has thanked for the kindness and the encouragement for every boxer about this happened situation due to the accusing of the non-relevant boxers and him instead of the referees to judge unfairly.

Doctor Phirom said that now the Muay Thai fans and the head boxing camp of the East have given the encouragement to him much , so he is really glad and thanks for everyone about this happened situation. Besides, it should blame for the referees without blaming for the boxers and him that result in our desperation to quit from this circle. Similarly, they would like to be broadcasted on channel 7 to the Muay Thai fans throughout the country , so now they feel desperated much.

It is disappointed for the head referee on channel 7 to judge his boxers.

Tee Suwan is still wondering about the judge of head referees Morchit that specify for Fahnamchai P. Mongkolthrab to be defeated by Rambo Phetphaokhao with 5-1. Then, it should ask for the sympathizing of the small boxing camp which feels desperate about this situation much.

After Fahnamchai P. Mongkolthrab has been lost the score by Rambo Phaokhao in Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday of 19th April 2015 at Morchit for the last match. Now, Tee Suwan has revealed that he is still wondering about the judge of the head referee in channel 7 for specifying of Fahnamchai to be defeat of Rambo for 5-1.

Thus, Tee Suwan said that he is really disappointed for the judge of the referees on channel 7 because he has seen this problem by himself. Similarly, because this boxing camp is the small one , the couple boxers in this boxing camp are always the losers. In addition, in this boxing camp there is Krangphreenoi who seems to be the winner , but he has become the tie up one to his couple boxer following by Fahnamchai with his not good shape , except for his good strategy has been the loser one also. Then, with this result he would like to quit from this work because of his painful feeling. Therefore, it should best the regard for the referees to use the good technic or let the head referee to consider about the improvement of the judge because judging in this way making this boxing circle not flourish.